‘I wouldn’t trade my PAL experience for anything’


William DeVito, Philadelphia

Senior Vice President/State Director Public Affairs, Citizens

Member (1978-1987) of Crisconi PAL, Broad & Jackson streets, with PAL Officer John DeLaurentis.

At PAL, Bill participated in baseball, basketball, track & field, and PAL Day at City Hall. He received the Union League of Philadelphia Good Citizenship Award.

Bill’s dad was a PAL kid and later volunteered at Crisconi PAL.

Bill received a PAL Scholarship and holds a Bachelor’s degree from Temple University and a Master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

“PAL provided a fun, safe and organized outlet for me to engage in sports and other activities with friends, and with kids from other neighborhoods who would become friends. The guidance and mentorship from Officer DeLaurentis were invaluable, and the friendships have been lifelong.

“My PAL experience taught me the importance of being engaged in the community and the impact that even small gestures can have on another person’s life. I wouldn’t trade my PAL experience for anything. My friends and I still talk about our memories from that time with great fondness.”


June 2022