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Mission: Cops Helping Kids

For over 75 years, the Police Athletic League of Philadelphia (PAL) has enriched the lives of Philadelphia’s underserved youth, offering athletic, learning, and cultural programs that promote positive character development and improve educational outcomes. Through “cops helping kids,” PAL Centers help youth build positive and enduring relationships with Philadelphia Police Officers, while keeping them safe and offering enriching experiences.

Vision: We aspire to be the premier youth serving organization in the city, by reducing crime, promoting character development, and improving educational outcomes

We accomplish this by proving enriching programs that are 100% FREE to children ages 6-18.  PAL programs are aimed at correcting the negative effects systemic inequity has had on the children who come to our centers. Our educational programs work to remove the digital divide low-income neighborhoods face; our sports programs address healthcare disparities by offering a wide variety of options for physical activity so that every child can find a sport that appeals to their abilities and interests; our work ready and mentorship programs help stop the cycle of poverty by helping youth to build skills, build a network, and find gainful employment. PAL officers address needs at school and in the community through our programs, and at home as well, by providing groceries, school supplies, and clothing to the children who need it.



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