‘PAL Officers wanted to see us succeed’

Sharae Middlebrooks, Philadelphia

Compliance Specialist, Reinvestment Fund

Instructor (Civil Litigation, Intro to Law), Odessa College

Member (1998-2004) of Goldie Paley PAL, 5332 Germantown Avenue, with PAL Officer Eric Erving (now Lt. Erving)

At PAL, Sharae participated in numerous Girl’s/Women’s Basketball Tournaments and received a PAL Scholarship. She graduated from Cabrini University with a Bachelor’s degree in English and Communications, and later earned a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice and Security from the University of Phoenix.

“Joining Paley PAL was one of the most influential experiences in my life. Not only did it contribute to my discipline but being a part of the PAL center has brought people into my life who I have remained friends with to this day including my mentor and friend, Lieutenant Erving. The PAL center kept me out of trouble and gave me opportunities to better my basketball abilities on a consistent basis, and provided a sense of belonging. Paley PAL became family to me.

“PAL has influenced my life immensely. Being a part of this organization has helped push me into the criminal justice field, encouraging me to get a degree in criminal justice and security. I was impressed that PAL officers were not only able to dedicate their time to children but also genuinely cared and wanted to see us succeed. Because of my experience with the PAL center, I now work at a non- profit organization that provides opportunities in underserved communities and teach at a junior college as a way to try and give back. I am also assisting with a women’s basketball program where women can play basketball in an open gym setting on a weekly basis.

“Becoming a PAL kid set me up for lifelong relationships and lessons.”


June 2022