At 29, Khayree is a real estate investor.

He attended Nicetown PAL at Our Lady of Holy Souls Catholic Church on the 1900 block of Tioga Street, later relocated to Kenderton Elementary School. He attended Nicetown PAL 2006-2011 with PAL Officer MIke Ragucci.

“I participated in a myriad of programs during my tenure at PAL including but not limited to in-house basketball, soccer, baseball, and flag football. One field trip that comes to mind is the basketball summit that was hosted by former 76er World B. Free. For PAL Day at City Hall in 2009, I was chosen to be the City Treasurer. Several cousins and my two younger brothers also participated in PAL.

“I was a PAL scholarship recipient. My collegiate career was split between Community College of Philadelphia and Drexel University, where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality management. 

“Being part of PAL helped me as a teenager to maneuver through a high-crime area that was infested by drugs and gang violence. At the end of a school day, PAL was where my peers and I enjoyed competing against each other in various activities. Because of Mike Ragguci’s sincerity and devotion to every child that came through the doors of Nicetown PAL, I learned the value of helping youth.. Even after aging out of PAL, Mike and I never stopped communicating. He has literally been a part of every major event in my life: high school graduation, my college years, and his attendance at my wedding. Today, I lead my church’s youth department of 40 children where my team and I are pushing the importance of physical fitness, spirituality, and rising above life’s daily challenges.” 


June 2022