“I felt like family at my PAL center.”

Brandon Pierce

Current Occupation: Philadelphia Police Officer

PAL Center: Paley PAL

PAL Officer: Officer Ernest (Ernie) Pollard

PAL Kid for 8 years (2009 to 2017)

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“PAL has always been a staple in my neighborhood. Being a PAL kid kept me safe from the temptations of the street. Officer Pollard made me feel like I was a member of his family. He is one of the reasons I chose this path. It brought me much joy to see him at my graduation. PAL is important because it bridges the gap between kids, parents, and law enforcement.” -Pierce 

P/O Ernest Pollard was proud to be invited and attend former Paley PAL kid, Officer Brandon Pierce’s graduation from the Police academy.

“I was blown away when Brandon reached out to invite me to his graduation.  I am so proud of him.  His father is a correctional officer, so I wasn’t surprised he chose law enforcement, but I am honored he thought of me as one of the people who inspired him to become an officer” – Pollard


During Brandon’s time at the Paley PAL Center, in the Germantown Neighborhood of Northwest Philadelphia, he enjoyed playing in the basketball leagues, which was no surprise as Officer Pollard is known for having a robust basketball program and runs clinics throughout the year! . “I enjoyed basketball because I got to play for my neighborhood PAL center” – Pierce.

Pierce enjoyed his time at PAL because of how he was treated by the staff and Officers.  Pierce statedPAL showed me its okay to be different, and I could do anything I put my mind to”. Officer Pollard has directed the PAL center for over 22 years.  He is a staple in the community and has mentored youth in the neighborhood for generations! Officer Pollard is dedicated to building lasting relationships with the children he serves, even after they age out of PAL programs.

On September 16, Officer Pollard attended Officer Brandon Pierce’s graduation from the Police academy. Officer Brandon Pierce was assigned to the 12th district and is excited to serve the Southwest community.

September 2023

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