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 WissBowl I: Making Memories at Wissinoming PAL!

Guest Blogger: Officer Paul Zenak

Congratulations to all of the teams that participated in Wissinoming PAL’s first-ever season of Flag Football!  The season is over and a champion has been crowned. 

At the culmination of the playoffs, two deserving teams were left standing. The championship, which was dubbed WissBowl I, hosted the heavy favorite, dominant Cowboys and the never-say-die, tenacious Jets.  Both teams that competed in this fun, friendly match played their hearts out and truly deserved to compete in this championship game.  In a shocking upset, the Jets edged out the league-leading Cowboys and were crowned WissBowl I Champions. 

What makes the outcome of this championship game even more interesting is that the Jets’ win keeps a somewhat unusual streak going; some call it the “First Place Jinx”. No team that has finished in first place at Wissinoming PAL has ever won a championship!

Overall, the Wissinoming PAL Flag Football League was a huge success!  Over 80 youth participated in the program, which ran from November to January 5th.  As with all things PAL, despite the Jets being league champions, all of the youngsters who participated were winners for their efforts and sportsmanship.

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