Police Athletic League of Philadelphia



Winter Warmth for 3,000 PAL Youth!

PHILADELPHIA, PA – January 3, 2010 – So far, this winter has been nothing short of frigid. Along with the cold temperatures, though, comes the soothing feeling of warm-hearted generosity. Charming Shoppes, Inc., which owns and operates a variety of popular clothing stores throughout 48 states, donated 3,000 winter coats to the Police Athletic League of Philadelphia through their “Keeping Kids Warm” program. Overall, the program has donated over 150,000 winter coats in 75 communities across the United States with 10,000 coats donated this year.

On December 22, 2010, Police officers, members of PAL’s civilian staff and a volunteer from the Cozen PAL Center unloaded more than 600 boxes from an oversized tractor-trailer. Local community members and neighbors of the Cozen PAL center watched as the boxes were taken off the truck, passed down the chain of people and placed in the PAL center. After a few hours, boxes lined the walls of the center and were separated into girls, boys, men and women.

The coats were then divided among PAL centers and picked up the following day. PAL officers distributed the coats to the youngsters at their centers who were most in need of a new coat. Thanks to Charming Shoppes, the winter will now be warmer for PAL’s youth!

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