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2010 Tacony PAL Wiffleball Concludes

The 2010 Tacony PAL Wiffleball league has come to a close.  Started in 2003, this year’s league attracted over 200 PAL kids from the Tacony section of Philadelphia.

Up at bat

Wiffleball ran from late September through last week, and was organized by Tacony PAL Director, Officer Bill Schneider.

Congratulations on a great season!

 With an extra emphasis on participation, team-building and communication, the Tacony Wiffleball league provides a special opportunity for many PAL kids to become involved in athletics. Wiffleball is an easy and effective way to introduce young children to the game of baseball in a non-intimidating way, leading to large involvement among both boys and girls. Additionally, limited necessary equipment allows the league to remain affordable, helping many children stay active.

 Boys and girls ages 8-14 played Wiffleball at Tacony PAL this year on co-ed teams. Each player was given an award at the end for their commitment and hard work, and the top two placing teams received further recognition. Thanks to Officer Schneider for incorporating a favorite tradition into the programming at Tacony PAL!

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