Police Athletic League of Philadelphia



Rizzo PAL Wrestling Coach James Mangan was honored as PAL Volunteer of the year during the Volunteer and Support Staff Appreciation Event on June 8. Mangan was a former PAL youth wrestler in the 90’s and has been a volunteer coach for many years. He oversees and runs a 12-week introductory beginners wrestling program each year. He also started the PAL Wrestling Facebook page which has received national acclaim. The National PAL organization publishes articles from the page on its own website.

Sarah Jones and Brian Lancaster were also voted North and South Region Support Staff Members of the Year, respectively.

Sarah makes sure kids have what they need to thrive at the Paley PAL center. She leads homework and tutoring sessions, leads the Positive Images program as well as a program for boys. One of her proudest accomplishments was taking PAL kids to a homeless shelter to make meals and feed guests on her own time. Kids and parents love her and she really makes the center go.

A retired teacher, Brian Lancaster teaches lessons as if he is still in the classroom giving instructions. He is well liked by the children and many have gained new skills in their reading, writing, math, and computer knowledge. This year, he taught the children to see the computer as a tool and not a toy, showing them that they could do more than just play games.

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