Police Athletic League of Philadelphia



18th Annual PAL Challenge

Team Harrowgate

Weeks of studying culminated on May 14th, 2012 at the 2012 US Airways PAL Challenge Finals at Temple University. Teams of sixth, seventh and eighth graders, representing all 26 PAL centers, competed in four regional competitions prior to the final. More than 160 PAL youngsters competed in this distinctive trivia game.

PAL Board Members Bob Ciminelli, Dr. Jacobi and Lt. Anthony with Team Gibbons

PAL Challenge is a hybrid trivia competition and an annual PAL tradition since 1995. In a unique fusion of “Jeopardy” and “Family Feud,” students answer questions from a variety of categories including Science, Math, Sports, Technology, History, and more. Teams spent more than one month studying facts from each category with Homework Club instructors, PAL Officers, and volunteer coaches from PwC.

Congratulations to Gibbons PAL for winning first place this year, and Cozen PAL, Cobbs Creek PAL and Lenfest PAL for also making it to the final four. All PAL Challenge participants received movie tickets for their hard work preparing. Students who competed in the final competition were rewarded with certificates of achievement, medals, plaques and T-shirts.

Bob Ciminelli facing off against Victoria from Gibbons PAL

Team Gibbons played an extra championship match against Vice President of PHL Hub Operations and PAL Board member, Bob Ciminelli, three other executives from US Airways, and PAL Commanding Officer, Lt. Anthony. Though they put up a tough fight, Gibbons PAL was victorious with 245 points. US Airways’ support of the PAL Challenge program helps continue a tradition of unique competition, positive sportsmanship, and the importance of academic achievement. Special thanks to US Airways for their continued support!

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