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By: Mubarak Lawrence


Each of PAL’s 18 centers entered a team of at least six chess players in this years’ tournament. We had nine centers face off on Nov 17th and 18th for our North and South Regional Competitions.  Harrowgate PAL hosted the North Regional, with Logan PAL out playing all centers for the North Regional Champion title. Southwest PAL conquered the South Region at Cozen to claim the South Regional Champions title. The final night of competition was held at University of Pennsylvania’s Irvine Auditorium on November 19th.

PAL congratulates the TOP Players in each age group: Xavier from Gibbons PAL (12-and-Under), Saron from Logan PAL (15-and-Under), and Terry from Gibbons PAL (18-and-Under). All participants were commended for their hard work and dedication, and received  certificates and PAL Chess T-shirts for their participation and sportsmanship.

Finals Result:

1st :  Rizzo PAL

2nd Tacony PAL

3rd Logan PAL

Finals Runner Ups: Gibbons , Cozen, 23rd, SouthWest,  Wynnefield

North Regionals Results:

1st Place: Logan PAL—Officer Michael Pittman

2nd Place: Gibbons PAL – Officer Anthony D’Aulerio

3rd Place: Rizzo PAL – Ernest Rehr

South Regionals Results:

1st Place: SouthWest PAL – Officer Cedric Jones

2nd Place: Cozen PAL – Officer(s) Kareem Johnson and Phyllis Young

3rd Place: Wynnfield – Officer Jackie Little

Honorable Mention:

23rd PAL – Officer Darren James

PAL thanks the officers and their chess players for their positivity and participation in this competitive educational program.

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