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Police Athletic League of Philadelphia


Fun, Safe, and Free


PAL programs help reduce crime in our neighborhoods, promote positive character development, and improve educational outcomes for Philadelphia’s children. Each of our centers provides a safe place and a positive environment for “kids to be kids,” while also being introduced to a multitude of free activities and experiences to which they might not otherwise have access. While learning how to play chess or table tennis, preparing for an exam, or competing in academic or athletic competitions, the relationships forged between Philadelphia children and the Philadelphia Police are special, and a critical component to the future of our city.

All Programs Are Free!

Listed below are some of the many programs available at PAL Centers.

PLEASE NOTE:  The programs vary from center to center so we invite you to stop in and visit your local PAL Officer to see what programs are offered in your neighborhood.


Baseball and Softball




Dance Program

Indoor Soccer

Flag Football

Junior Golf






Boys to Men Mentoring

Computer Education Program & Computer Labs

College and Career Fair

PAL Day at City Hall

Homework Clubs

Literacy Programs

PAL Scholarships

Positive Images Program

Field Trips

The PAL Challenge

24 Math Challenge


PAL Night at the Phillies

PAL Night at the Sixers

PAL Day at City Hall

Live Entertainment (theater / shows)

Billiards – Foosball – Ping-Pong – Table Tennis

Clinics – Tours – Exhibitions

Chess Clubs

Fright Night at Eastern State Prison

… and much more!

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Among my biggest fans is my PAL officer, Cedric Jones. Officer Jones has been a primary source of encouragement and has supported me from the first day we met inside the PAL gym at 59th and Elmwood. Whether it was convincing me to learn how to play ping pong, listening as I made the decision to attend Duke, or offering pre-and post-game advice… he has become a mentor, a parental figure, a role model, and a friend, just as many other PAL Officers have done for thousands of kids throughout Philadelphia.

Amile Jefferson,PAL Aumnus/Scholarship Recipient

Officer Ernie is a great mentor to everyone in the center. He has truly supported my every endeavor…. from helping me pick out a dress at the Cozen Prom boutique, to teaching me the fundamentals of indoor soccer. He is an inspiration to all of us Rizzo PAL kids, and has helped me realize my own potential through sports, educational programs like mock trial, and the Positive Images service learning and mentoring program.

Sarah M, Rizzo PAL Participant

It is a privilege to serve on the Board of Directors for PAL.  As a member of the Philadelphia business and media community, I feel an obligation to give back to the community I serve.  PAL allows me the opportunity to impact the lives of children in the area by helping to provide them with a safe haven after school and in the summer. The PAL officers and staff provide scholastic and athletic development, but even more importantly, they offer the self esteem boosts and the positive role models children need to thrive.

Vince Giannini PAL Board Member/Donor
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