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Sue Niczyporowicz shares Hussian students' work

Hussian School of Art’s Sue Niczyporowicz Visits S.E.A.S PAL!

I have had the privilege to attend several Positive Images sessions over the past several weeks. Most recently, on Monday, November 15, I visited the S.E.A.S. Positive Images program. Officer Maurice Scott kicked off by leading participants in a critical thinking exercise, asking them to share what positive images meant to them. One group defined a positive image as “positive actions, positive words, positive behavior and playing positive with others.”

PAL youngster examines Hussian student's self-portrait

We later had a special visit from Sue Niczyporowicz from Philadelphia’s Hussian School of Art. Sue showcased some of her students’ work, explaining the artist, assignment and materials used to create each piece. For example, Sue shared a self-portrait assignment that was created by a female student. She explained what self-portraits stand for, making special note of the individuality that this particular subject displayed.

The artists share their creations!

Sue also led the girls in a creative activity where they designed their own advertisements. Each ad, reading “Friend Wanted,” stated the requirements that each participant looks for in a friend. Some of the vital qualities included being kind, honest, funny, considerate and trustworthy.

The girls seemed to have a lot of fun with this project; they were all able to unleash their creative juices and have fun while learning about themselves. By identifying what they look for in a friend, the girls were able to recognize their friendship values at a young age.

Thanks to all the S.E.A.S PAL Positive Images participants for welcoming me into your group, and thanks to Sue Niczyporowicz for leading such a special and worthwhile activity!

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