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Fashion Lights up the Night

PAL Fashion ShowOn February 9, 2012, the Point Breeze PAL Positive Images program hosted a fashion show in the auditorium of G.W. Childs Elementary School. Police Officer Jackie Little, through a partnership with the school, organized the event, which brought smiles to all involved.

Hundreds of visitors filled the auditorium to watch as both young ladies and men displayed the latest fashion trends through exciting song and dance routines. Children of all ages participated, and stayed safe, off the streets and involved in a positive evening of fun.

City Councilperson Kenyatta Johnson and First Deputy Commissioner of Recreation & Programs, Susan Slawson, spoke at the fashion show, congratulating the children for their participation in what was an exciting and wholesome event, and reminding them to continue on a path to success.

Officer Little was pleased with the success of the event and is looking forward to next year. “This was the first fashion show that we put on and the PAL children were just fabulous. I’m appreciative of the response we received from the parents. The gym was filled with family, friends and community members. I was elated because I was not expecting a full house. The kids enjoyed the event and are already anxious to organize a show in the spring,” she said. “I want to thank Dr. Harvey Nisenbaum and Sylvia Nisenbaum, Esq., who support our center’s Positive Images Program. Without their continued support, this wouldn’t have been as big as it was,” Little added.

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