Police Athletic League of Philadelphia



By: John Darroyo

I was very active with Wissinoming PAL since I grew up only two blocks from the center. It was my everyday spot for after school programs, competitive sports, field trips, and more. Thanks to PAL, I was able to meet great people, including Officer Chuck and the volunteers at the center. I was also able to make new friends with other kids from the neighborhood. I stayed involved with PAL during high school as well, and helped coach sports for the younger kids who became a part of the center.

I was very fortunate to receive a PAL Scholarship to help pay for college while I attended Drexel University. Grants and scholarships were essential for me to afford the tuition and put me in a position to be successful. I took full advantage of this position and graduated Cum Laude from Drexel in 2010. After graduation, I immediately began my career with Johnson & Johnson, where I still work today as a Supply Chain Planner. I also recently went back to school at Villanova University and received an MBA.

I cannot thank PAL enough for their help, not only during my childhood when the center was a place for me to stay busy and out of trouble, but also for believing in me during college by providing financial assistance to help me afford a quality education. PAL has been a great part of my life and will continue to help others every day to be successful.

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