Police Athletic League of Philadelphia




Call it a friendly rivalry – The Police Athletic League of Philadelphia and its Dallas counterpart, the Dallas Police Athletic League, took to social media to have some fun and support their respective hometown football teams.  The two PAL chapters have a little wager in place in regard to the Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys game on Thanksgiving.

Dubbed #PALTurkeyBowl, the twitter-fueled competition began as a simple back-and-forth regarding the upcoming divisional challenge on Turkey Day. Encouraging messages from PAL kids, police, and staffers were being posted online in support of the Eagles and the Cowboys.

Then things got interesting.

Dallas and Philly decided to make things a bit juicier by putting a couple hometown favorites on the line: If the Cowboys win, Philly will send Dallas a package of Philly PAL T-Shirts and gear, as well as some delicious Philadelphia favorites – TastyKake.  If the Birds win, Dallas will send Philly some Dallas PAL gear and some Pecan Lodge BBQ food. Additionally, the losing team’s staff will wear the other city’s PAL shirts for a day.

It will be a great game, but one thing is certain: Philly PAL kids think Dallas is making a Texas-sized mistake by betting against the Eagles.

GO Eagles!

For up-to-date info on #PALTurkeyBowl, search for the hashtag #PALTurkeyBowl and follow PAL on twitter @PhillyPAL

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