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Police Athletic League of Philadelphia



By: Daniel Yadgaroff

Kailyn and Alexandra are 12 year old twins. They attend a cyber charter school. Their favorite subjects in school are writing and social studies. In their free time they like to read and dance.

Kailyn and Alexandra have been coming to PAL for two years. Their mother was the one who recommended PAL to them. They feel that PAL is a place where there is always somebody to talk to. It is also a place to be stress free and to have fun. One of their favorite parts about PAL is Positive Images, and the friends they have made through it.

Kailyn and Alexandra believe that PAL gives kids the opportunity to express themselves freely, which some kids cannot do outside of PAL. They believe that every kid should be able to engage in self expression, making PAL a special place. Kailyn and Alexandra have recommended PAL to friends and would definitely send their kids to PAL when they grow up to be parents. Both girls plan to go to college but are unsure of what they want to study.

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