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PAL Spotlight: Angie Hagins

Angie Hagins and Police Officer Tyrone Crawley at PAL Headquarters

PHILADELPHIA, PA – October 27, 2010 – Angie Hagins has been taking advantage of various PAL offerings for about five years. Now 15, Angie shares her story about her transformation from a disobedient youngster to a confident young lady who has found inspiration in 23rd PAL Director, Police Officer Tyrone Crawley.

Angie says that she had trouble taking criticism and direction upon registering with PAL. She now admits that she understands Officer Crawley’s purpose in providing her with suggestions and welcomes his advice as ways to challenge herself and grow. Officer Crawley has helped Angie improve her attitude, which has translated into her improvement in school and motivation to succeed.

Angie has also channeled her enthusiasm to improve in sports, flourishing in basketball, ping pong, and football. Her first and favorite exploration was basketball, a sport that she initially lacked knowledge in, according to Officer Crawley. He notes Angie’s natural talent and ability to hustle, making her a driving defensive force after three years of practice.

Angie also discusses the positive impact PAL has had on her relationship with her older brother. At first, she says, it was difficult for the two of them to be involved in so many of the same activities. Now, they have fun collaborating on projects and sharing positive experiences with one another. With the help of PAL, Angie and her brother have been opened up to new opportunities. “It was a good push for me,” Angie says, “and kept me out of trouble.”

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