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Chris Cole’s Excellent Adventure 2

Last year, Chris Cole, a hometown standout and arguably the world’s top skateboarder, took 30 PAL children and teens to Camp Woodward for an unforgettable experience. Dubbed Chris Cole’s Excellent Adventure, the week-long skating trip allowed children to skateboard in a fantasyland among the world’s top pros. Not only did Cole, Camp Woodward and several additional sponsors cover the cost of the Camp’s tuition, they also provided each child with a board, gear, clothing, sneakers, a helmet and spending money to use at the Camp’s state-of-the-art amenities. All participants experienced a week to remember.

This year, Cole and PAL partnered for another exciting experience that will allow fifteen PAL youngsters to spend time with Cole and other professional skateboarders during a private weekend at Camp Woodward. On August 24th, Cole, Woodward and DC Shoe Company arranged a one-day skate clinic at the Carmella Playground in the City’s Frankford section through which the lucky fifteen were chosen. Dozens of excited PAL children came out to show their skills, desire and determination in order to spend time with Cole. Woodward staff and sponsors guided the children through drills and exercises, and although only fifteen children are able to go on the ultimate trip, Chris Cole’s Excellent Adventure 2, all children were excited to spend time with friends and skating instructors as they shredded through the skate park.

PAL thanks Chris Cole, Camp Woodward, DC and other sponsors who are making this possible for PAL youth.

Click here for pictures from the event!

Click here to see a video of PAL’s trip to Camp Woodward in 2011!

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