Police Athletic League of Philadelphia



Hundreds of PAL kids dedicated a month to reading and exploring literature this winter. Beginning in January, PAL centers throughout Philadelphia aimed to introduce kids to as many books as possible. For the duration of the program, children were encouraged to read 10 minutes per day during out-of-school time.

More than 100 kids from seven PAL centers participated in the program.  Some MVP youngsters even read more than five books during the month.  All reading materials were provided to children entirely free of charge, and books were selected from a list of the Nation’s best sellers.

After each child finished a book, he or she then had to complete a book response form for credit toward becoming a PAL MVP Reader.  In total, the PAL MVP Readers read a total of 211 books. In recognition of their accomplishments, participants were celebrated at a special closing ceremony during PAL Night at the Sixers.  Top readers were honored during an on-court presentation at the game.

Sameenah from Logan PAL and Allan from Southwest PAL, the program’s top readers, were thrilled to be included in the PAL Night festivities. In reward for their hard work, they were able to spend time on the court with players and cheerleaders, and even managed to get a few autographs.

Each child who participated in the celebration enjoyed box seats, dinner, and a free book to take home. Additionally, MVP Readers that exceeded reading expectations won incentives such as tablets computers, journals, and school supplies.

PAL congratulates all participants and thanks all of the officers, staff, supporters, and volunteers who make this program a success.



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