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A Stroll Down Memory Lane

PHILADELPHIA, PA – November 10, 2010 – A few weeks ago, we asked our Facebook and Twitter followers a question: 

What’s your favorite PAL memory?

We received some really interesting, well-thought-out responses that provide positive examples of the way PAL affects people of all different backgrounds. I’d like to share these responses with you today:

Jumaanii Haskins: To date, throwing a touchdown at the Linc this summer at Eagles Fantasy Camp

Eric Shipon: Attending a PAL Holiday Party a few years ago..passing out presents was incredible….but seeing how important pizza and juice boxes were to these kids made me go home and realize how much my girls and I take for granted. Two hours isn’t a lot to give up…

Donald Heller: The day I had the opportunity to officiate the opening of a new center and saw the look of hope on the face and in the eyes of the parents and the excitement of the kids. A day I will never forget and one that always reminds me of why we do what we do for PAL – for the kids and their parents to hopefully give them a start at a better life.

Terry Diamond: The opening of the Cozen PAL Center – a first class PAL center supported by a wonderful family. The planning and opening was second to none. Great time had by all and the best memories ever!

Chet Grzesnikowski:  Playing a baseball game at the Vet. 

These experiences, all very different from one another, provide great examples of the way PAL touches thousands of people each year.  Whether you are/were a PAL youngster, worked for PAL, volunteered for PAL or serve on PAL’s Board, PAL has created 63 years of wonderful memories for all of us here in the City of Philadelphia!

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