Athletics are a cornerstone of our organization. PAL understands the importance of building leaders on and off the court and is excited when we are able to provide our kids with an experience that allows us to incorporate both!

Every year, PAL centers run an annual Citywide Basketball Tournament for kids ages 10-18. This program is a collaborative effort where we expose our youth to new basketball skills,with an opportunity of developing leadership skills, career enlightenment, higher education, health, and culture enrichment. The primary goals of the program are to provide more access and opportunities to our youth.

Basketball gives PAL Officers an opportunity to connect with our youth on a deeper level. During this 8-week program, our officers have an opportunity to engage with our youth and teach them sportsmanship in competition, respect, communication, work ethic, personal responsibility, resilience, overcoming challenges, and personal goals.

This year, we enhanced this program by hosting our first-ever Legacy Day. Legacy Day gave our kids an opportunity to participate in eight different skill training sessions. During the clinic, we were excited to deepen the impact for our current and former PAL kids by re-engaging PAL Alumni and giving them an opportunity to speak to the kids about the impact sports has had on their lives and careers.

The event took place on Presidents Day, a day when kids would typically be home from school, and had them participate in a Citywide President’s Day Clinic. We more than 120 students from 16 PAL Centers come together for team-building exercises and hear some words of wisdom from former PAL kids!

We are so grateful to our speakers, Tasheed Carr and Mike Ringgold, who played professional basketball overseas, for sharing their story and giving advice on how to stay on the road to success!

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