Police Athletic League of Philadelphia



Each year, dozens of PAL “Mathletes” count on PAL’s 24 Math Challenge, sponsored by Stradley Ronon, for indoor fun.  The 24 Math Challenge, a favorite game of girls and boys who frequent their PAL centers, offers an opportunity for school-aged children to use mental math in a fun and challenging competition.  The Challenge allows kids to show off their math skills and compete for their place in PAL 24 Math Challenge history. This fast-paced, intense game encourages children to have fun with mathematics and practice problem solving.

The program, which kicked off in January, provided an opportunity for kids to spend their after-school hours sharpening their math skills.  Each center was provided with 24 Math cards and strategy guides.  Teams spent weeks practicing in preparation for the big competition.  This year, nearly 150 children made their way to the North and South Regional Finals, held in late February.  Each of PAL’s 18 youth-development centers had two kids in each division: 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade.

Volunteers from event sponsor Stradley Ronon, and local community members, spent their time moderating the thrilling academic competition. The South Region Finals, held on Wednesday, February 24th, featured winners from Cozen PAL (Garish – 5th grade), Wynnefield PAL (Jing – 6th grade), Southwest PAL (Kaliyah – 7th grade) and Wynnefield PAL (Bryan – 8th grade).  North Region Finals, held on February 25th, were dominated by Port Richmond’s Rizzo PAL, which won three out of four categories (Aris – 5th grade, Mario – 6th grade, Igli – 8th grade).  Wissinoming PAL won the remaining division (Jonathan – 7th grade).

Congratulations to all participants for spending their time honing their math skills and under the guidance of their PAL Police officers.  Special congratulations to Igli from Rizzo PAL, who, in his final year of competition, earned the highest amount of points  – 198 – from both nights!  PAL thanks all volunteers, Board member Mark Dorval, Esq., and our partners at Stradley Ronon who help make this event possible each year.

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