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Davina is a 10-year-old Fairhill PAL kid who made it abundantly clear that, soon, she will be 11.  She has been attending the Fairhill PAL Center since it opened in 2014, and is currently in the fifth grade.  Sometimes, her cousins and best friends come to PAL with her, too.

Why do you like coming to PAL?

I like coming to PAL because I get to try different things.  We’ve learned about Muay Thai, self-emotions, and a lot more.   I’m not a fan of sports, but I did play kickball once.  I really like Computer Club and the PAL Reading Program.  I like reading, it’s fun.

What’s your favorite activity here at the PAL Center?

I like that I have friends to play with.  I look forward to doing the Positive Images Girls’ Mentoring Program, but I haven’t taken part in that yet.  I really like dance, too. Computers might be my favorite, though, because our instructor, Manny is so nice.  We listen to music, play educational games, and learn about different computer programs.

Tell us about Officer Marcus Allen, what is he like?

Officer Allen…he’s fair, he’s nice, and he’s someone I can look up to.  He is a good man, and he has a good family.  He doesn’t allow cursing, inappropriate activity, or anything like that.  He is a role model for us.  I feel safe coming here, because I know he is a Philadelphia Police officer.

What are your future plans at PAL? What do you want to do more of?

I come here a lot to do my homework – I use the dictionary a lot.  I want to do more projects here.  I want to play more games.  And I want to read more books.  Officer Allen lets us take books from the library to read.  Sometimes, we can even keep them.

Do you think PAL helps you with your education?

Yes, with all the help we get here.  And I like school.  School is fun.  My teacher…she’s poppin’.  Someday, I want to go to college.

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