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Touchdown! PAL’s Flag Football
Championships Light Up the Night!

PHILADELPHIA, PA – November 29, 2010 -Last Tuesday, November 23, 2010, the skies were lit up at Franklin Field for a night full of football championship games. In an event that some are calling “Tuesday Night Lights,” PAL’s Flag Football season came to a close with PAL’s annual Citywide Flag Football Championships.

PAL’s Flag Football program, which is supported by Philadelphia’s Support Community Outreach Program (SCOP), currently boasts over 300 participants – both male and female – and is a thriving program at 20 PAL centers across the city. Tuesday’s championships games brought the best of the best out to the University of Pennsylvania’s historic Franklin Field.  This is the 10th year in which the event was hosted at Franklin Field, and for the past 12 years, PAL Board Vice Chairperson Maureen Rush and Peggy Kowalski of the University of Pennsylvania have been instrumental in helping PAL secure use of both Franklin Field and the Palestra. 

Two games were played; a 12 and under championship game, which included Audenried PAL vs. Hartranft PAL, and a 14 and under championship game, in which Rivera PAL and Audenried PAL played. Both Audenried PAL and Hartranft PAL are new to PAL within the last 12 months.

Sergeant Michael Faust of the Police Athletic League said, “This year’s event hosted two really exciting match-ups. What’s most interesting about this year’s Flag Football Championship event is that two of the centers that competed, Audenried and Hartranft, are new to PAL within the past 12 months. This just goes to show how PAL’s officers positively affect the communities they serve. These officers were able to go into these brand-new PAL centers and build strong, bonding relationships with these kids – and the fact that they were able to mentor them far enough to get to championship speaks volumes about the respect that these kids have for their officers. Each team that competed truly deserved to be there!”

The night ended with Audenried PAL winning the 12 and under championship and Rivera PAL winning the 14 and under championship. Officers Frank Rivera (Rivera), Cedric Jones (Audenried), and Rasheed McDaniels (Hartranft) were all very proud that their teams made it as far as they did. At the end of the night, each team was awarded with trophies and Sergeant Faust reminded the youngsters that despite there being a winning team and losing team on the football field, there are no losers with PAL.  At PAL, everybody is a winner!

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