Police Athletic League of Philadelphia



Last month, members of PAL’s Commissioner’s Club were treated to a firsthand look at two of the most critically important units of Philadelphia International Airport: the Philadelphia Fire Department’s Airport Fire House, and the Philadelphia Police Department’s Aviation Unit.   Attendees learned about the integral work the Fire Department does at the airport each day, toured the firehouse, and watched a live demonstration from one of the PFD’s high-tech, $1,000,000, specialized airport firetrucks.  After hearing from Commissioner Richard Ross, the captain of the Police Aviation Unit discussed the critical role their unit fills at the airport, highlighted the many partners in law enforcement they coordinate with, and had a live presentation with a bomb-sniffing dog.  To conclude the evening, a tour of the logistics control tower provided an extraordinary look at the level of coordination required to operate a major international airport.

PAL Board member and Commissioner’s Club member Rich Ost said, “As a member of the Commissioner’s Club, you get behind-the-scenes views of the Philadelphia Police Department, along with time to socialize with PAL Board members, and Commissioner’s Club members in a social atmosphere.  We were really amazed by what we saw at this last gathering.  It’s unbelievable how much preparation goes on in the background, with both the Philadelphia Police and Fire Department, to ensure that everything goes as planned at Philadelphia International Airport each day.”

To learn more about the PAL Commissioner’s Club, or to join, please contact Sandy Harris at 215-291-9000, ext. 105 or [email protected].

For Commissioner’s Club photos, please click here.

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