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PAL’s Citywide Basketball Finals are a Slam Dunk!

For years, PAL’s Citywide Basketball program has been its most popular activity, hosting more than 5,000 children annually. Many budding stars first showcased their talents in PAL’s highly-regarded basketball program, and many youngsters have gone on to have successful collegiate and professional careers in the sport.

This year’s Championship Games were held on President’s Day at the University of Pennsylvania’s historic Palestra. The special day hosted the best of the best of PAL, and highlighted some of PAL’s most talented youth. There were four exciting, action-packed games: a 10-and-under matchup in which Locke PAL defeated Paley PAL, a 12-and-under bout that saw Paley PAL come out victorious over Cozen PAL, a 14-and-under game in which Paley PAL took its second title and defeated 23rd PAL and a 16-and-under matchup in which Logan PAL defeated Locke PAL. Throughout the day, competitors were cheered on by various routines and chants from PAL’s Cheerleading Team.

All youngsters who competed in the championship games, playoffs and regular season enjoyed a terrific program through which they learned about the sport and teamwork skills, made friends and chose an alternative to the streets by staying involved in active and wholesome, organized programming. PAL is proud of all of the boys and girls who participated in this fun-filled activity in 2012. Congratulations go out to all of this year’s winning teams. PAL looks forward to an even better season next year!

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