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24 Math Challenge + PAL x Stradley Ronon = Huge Success

P/O Little with players from Point Breeze PAL

More than 200 youth from all twenty-six PAL centers added, subtracted, divided and multiplied their way to twenty-four in PAL’s annual Stradley Ronon 24 Math Challenge last week. Two regional competitions were held to determine the top twelve players in each grade division- fifth through eighth. The final competition was held at Harrowgate PAL on Wednesday night.

First, second, third and fourth place winners received a plaque and a special gift. All participants in the final competition earned a medal for their stellar performance throughout the Challenge. Congratulations to first place winners Treasure from Steel PAL (5th grade), Forrest from Steel PAL (6th grade), Christina from Steel PAL (7th grade) and Andrew from Point Breeze PAL (8th grade).

Mark Dorval with Jonisha from Bluford PAL

Participants have been practicing the game at their PAL centers for months leading up to this vigorous, head-to-head battle. 24 Math is used as a tool to make learning fun in PAL centers and classrooms around Philadelphia. In the end, playing the game helps youngsters become better at mental math and more confident in their abilities as a student: a great success for all.

PAL thanks Board Member Mark Dorval and Stradley Ronon, and volunteers from Drexel University’s Earle Mack School of Law.

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