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Tacony PAL Goes Fishing!

Todd Pride showing a youngster how to hook bait.

Tacony PAL youngsters have been participating in a fishing program for the past six months with the Mid-Atlantic Youth Anglers Program, a part of the National Junior Bass Masters Program. Throughout Spring and Summer, participants had fun on various fishing trips to Tyler State Park, Pennypack Park and many other Philadelphia-area locations.

Instructor, Todd Pride, taught forty PAL youngsters all there is to know about fishing, including respecting nature, taking care of the park area and safety techniques. In the coming months, children will take part in fishing tournaments and archery competitions through the Youth Anglers program. They will meet athletes who also enjoy the sport of fishing.

Tacony PAL youngster caught a fish!

Additionally, Pride visited the Tacony PAL Summer Camp to go over some basic fishing skills. He held a casting contest in which children were able to showcase their skills and received prizes for correct casting form and distance.

PAL thanks Todd Pride for allowing kids to experience the sport of fishing and growing the program to accommodate more youth. Tacony PAL looks forward to continuing the great partnership with Mid-Atlantic Youth Anglers program next year.

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