Police Athletic League of Philadelphia



 Winter Fun Winds DownIMG_3303

Hundreds of excited PAL children and teens gracefully glided through the night during one last evening of winter fun at Penn’s Class of 1923 Arena. Youngsters from across the City of Philadelphia enjoyed a special ice-skating experience, courtesy of Coca-Cola and the University of Pennsylvania. Children of all ages were provided with skates, three hours of ice-time and refreshments.

The arena was filled with excitement and joy as members from all PAL centers came together at Penn’s historic rink. While many of the youngsters were nervous as they first tip-toed onto the ice, within a few minutes, dozens of children were effortlessly zipping around the rink, smiling, laughing and having fun in the company of their friends and PAL officers. Some of the younger children who hadn’t skated before didn’t want to miss out on the thrill, despite not knowing how to skate, and used safety cones for balance as volunteers taught them how to push-off and slide around.

PAL thanks Penn and Coca-Cola for their work toward PAL’s mission of “Cops Helping Kids” by keeping children and teens safe and involved in constructive programming.


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