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Hamels Foundation Brings Education and Exercise to PAL

The Hamels Foundation has made learning fun at Harrowgate PAL throughout the past month. For their first visit on March 28, 2012, they brought along a break dancing group from Temple University. Dancers taught the youngsters some cool moves and routines. They also brought cupcakes for the kids decorate, and of course, eat! All participants had a blast and left with full and happy bellies.

The Hamels Foundation made a second trip to Harrowgate PAL on April 25, 2012. They held a Bokwa class for mothers and daughters and hosted an educational bingo game. Bokwa is an up and coming dance fitness workout that is just as fun as Zumba and incorporates even more cardio and muscle training. The kids, parents and instructors worked up a sweat and had a lot of fun doing it!

Everyone at Harrowgate PAL definitely made friends with the staff at The Hamels Foundation. Thanks to the Hamels Foundation for all the work they do in Philadelphia and for their continued support of PAL!

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