Police Athletic League of Philadelphia



Trick-or-Treat: PAL Youngsters
Have a Blast at Halloween Costume Party

PHILADELPHIA, PA – November 1, 2010 – Extravagant costumes, endless amounts of treats and the thrill of spending the early evening trick-or-treating with friends and family make Halloween an unforgettable day for most children. In some neighborhoods, however, excruciating circumstances prevent youngsters from enjoying the holiday to their fullest extent. Unfortunately for many of PAL’s youth, the neighborhoods they live in and the streets they trick-or-treat on are infested with violence, crime and drugs – devastating problems that no child should be exposed to.

Last Thursday, October 28, 2010, Cozen PAL presented kids with an exciting opportunity to experience Halloween and all of the joys that go with it, without having to step onto some of Philadelphia’s most notoriously dangerous streets. The Cozen PAL Center, located at 732 N. 17th Street, entertained more than 50 children at its Halloween party. Youngsters dressed in costume, enjoyed treats, snacks and beverages and participated in a variety of safe, fun-filled activities.

Although many of the children aren’t able to experience Halloween by trick-or-treating on the streets, they were able to experience a day they won’t soon forget, all because of the Police Athletic League!

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