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Going Deep with Tacony PAL
PHILADELPHIA, PA – February 9, 2011 – Tacony PAL, one of the Police Athletic League’s largest and most vibrant centers, recently closed its 2011 Indoor Flag Football Program. Tacony, which boasts registration rates of over 2,500 youth, is located in Northeast Philadelphia and is home to a very diverse group of PAL youngsters.

Close to 200 children participated in the Flag Football League, and each child got to play on a regular basis. Tacony hosted two leagues; an 11-and-under and a 12-and-over. The 8-game season led into exciting playoff match-ups, and the children had a blast. The Eagles defeated the Packers in the 11-and-under league and Bad Company defeated the Lions in the 12-and-over league. First and second place in each league received trophies and individual awards for sportsmanship and team leadership. In addition, each child who participated in the program received a gold medal.

As with all things PAL, the most important part about Tacony Indoor Football was that everyone involved was granted an opportunity to participate and have fun. Children were kept safe, off the streets and involved in positive programming that allowed for friendly competition among friends. Congratulations to all participants!

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