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Patricia Winner 2972On Monday, September 21, 2015, the Police Athletic League of Philadelphia welcomed a seasoned fundraising professional, Pat Winner, to the PAL team.  Pat brings years of development experience to PAL, and she is excited to help us deliver on our mission of “Cops Helping Kids.”

1) What drew you to the Police Athletic League of Philadelphia? What did you know about PAL and what did you grow to learn about the organization during the interview process?

I knew PAL was a Philadelphia institution that has served tens, even hundreds, of thousands of young people in its nearly 70 year history.  The long-term commitment of the Philadelphia Police Department in helping kids across the city is remarkable.  What I have learned more recently is how very broad an all-encompassing PAL’s reach is, in both numbers and programming.   I didn’t realize PAL had 18 centers across the city and 17,000 registered youth.  I also came to learn that while sports play a central role in PAL’s programming, there are a lot of other programs as well.  Homework Club, Chess Club and gender-specific programming, for example, also help young people achieve their best selves.

2) You have vast experiences in the development field.  Can you share a little about your leadership experiences and what you bring to the PAL team?

My entire career has been in institutional advancement and I have been privileged to work alongside colleagues dedicated to serving and benefitting their communities.  At both Villanova University and Main Line Health, I was proud to raise charitable funds that were leveraged to meet strategic objectives to meaningfully improve the lives of individuals.   Is a true honor to work with individuals, foundations and businesses that have a commitment to investing in their communities and helping those in need and I look forward to doing so for PAL.

3) PAL is a key police community relations tool in Philadelphia, bridging the gap between inner-city communities and the Philadelphia Police Department. As a development professional, this is a unique opportunity to work closely with the Philadelphia Police to impact the lives of thousands of kids and teens. What does this mean to you?

I have great respect for the Philadelphia Department and in my short time with PAL could not think more highly of the PAL police team.  What they are achieving in juvenile crime reduction, character development and educational success for thousands of young people in Philadelphia is awe-inspiring.   This week, I got to see firsthand the interaction between the police and the youth in 11 different centers.  It gave me an even greater appreciation for this organization and what it offers to children and the city.

4) What goals do you have in mind for your first couple months at PAL?  What are your long term goals?

My goal is to build on the strong legacy of support to PAL and help grow funding to provide the financial resources necessary for PAL to serve more kids in more centers with enhanced programming. 

5) After a busy work week, how do you unwind on the weekend?  Books? Music? TV?

I am a voracious reader and have been since I was introduced to the Nancy Drew series in 4th grade.  When I have free time, you’ll find me with a book in my hand.  I also enjoy meeting authors.  I love the author events at the Philadelphia Free Library and attend a number of them each year.

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