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Linda and Bill Madway generously support the PAL Scholarship Foundation each year, and have been actively involved in supporting PAL center programming for a number of years.  Linda has been a PAL Board member for more than four years.  She is currently Senior Vice President and General Counsel at ShopCore Properties, which also supports PAL.  Most recently, ShopCore gifted PAL with $5,000 to provide after school snacks to kids and teens in the PAL centers.  Bill is a Public Relations Consultant.  Linda and Bill reside in Bryn Mawr, PA and have two daughters, Brynne and Samantha.  In their free time, the Madways care for their three Golden Retrievers, whom they rescued, and Linda is currently learning to speak French when not tending to her dogs.

What is your history with PAL and how did you first learn about PAL?

PAL Board member Jack Sullivan and I both worked at Charming Shoppes, where we had a strong relationship with PAL through Charming’s charity, known as CSI Charities.  I was elected President of CSI Charities, and I became more involved with PAL, eventually becoming a donor and Board member independent of CSI Charities.

What drew you to PAL? Why were you interested in it and what were you interested in supporting?

Other than through Jack, when I became President of CSI Charities, I didn’t know much about PAL.   After learning more about the organization and seeing the mission in action, I became unbelievably enthusiastic about it.   At CSI, we supported a number of initiatives . One of  the most enjoyable was to outfit the young people chosen for PAL Day at City Hall with business attire. Bill and I were drawn to PAL because we want to help kids in our community who may not have the kinds of opportunities that our children have.

Why do you think PAL is so important for children, teens and families in the Philadelphia region?

PAL provides a safe alternative to the streets for children who maybe wouldn’t otherwise have that.  We feel it’s necessary to give and to put money back into our community, especially to help kids get a leg up over challenging circumstances. From the mentoring, to the homework clubs, a variety of sports, holiday parties and more – PAL is giving a little extra help for kids to  do better and achieve more.

Why do you choose to support the PAL Scholarship Foundation?

We place a very high value on education.  We donate to the Scholarship Foundation in memory of my father.  My dad was raised in a poor immigrant family, and he managed to go to  college through the GI Bill.  His accomplishments were all due to a good education, and he instilled that value in his children. That’s why we chose to memorialize him in that way.

Through supporting the PAL Scholarship Foundation, we’re providing an opportunity for children and families who maybe haven’t been exposed to higher education.  We want to give them a little extra help in overcoming the odds.  I hope this funding provides a little extra leverage for these kids, so they can use their own money for some other things besides tuition, whether its traveling home to see family, ordering a pizza when out with friends, or just freeing up some money for food.  I hope this makes the process easier for them and hopefully gives them a better opportunity to study and a higher chance of graduating.

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