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Best Buy WOLF Pack at Rizzo Positive Images
Representatives from Best Buy’s Women’s Leadership Forum (WOLF) came to Rizzo PAL’s Positive Images Girls Mentoring meeting on Monday, March 19th. Melody Hollander, Linda Thomas, Lisa Tyson and Diana Santos shared their personal experiences about how they achieved prominent positions in a male-dominated company and industry.

The women inspired the young ladies to taking part in conversations and have their voice heard by “always sitting at the table.” Melody, Linda, Lisa and Diana followed this advice and continue to benefit greatly. They led a networking exercise with Positive Images participants in which each person wrote a list of both short and long-term goals and brainstormed people in their lives who can help achieve them.

PAL Board Member and Best Buy District Manager, Marc Michetti, provided advice to the young ladies on the importance of mentors. The girls’ networks grew by at least five valuable contacts last night, as each WOLF representative and Mr. Michetti left an open invitation for all PAL participants to get in touch with them any time.

A special thanks to Melody, Linda, Lisa, Diana, and Marc Michetti for providing such indispensable information to Rizzo PAL Positive Images!

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